Mobile Application Delivery

Integral to each vendors unified communication product set is the ability to share a collaborative experience across a multitude of devices. These devices may be company provided (CYOD, Choose your own device) or a user’s own personal device (BYOD, Bring your own device). This can create both an administrative and security overhead and organisations may prevent such practices due to these overheads.

RedVeu work at both a service provider and network level to leverage the best fit access and security technologies for organisations wishing to deliver flexible, mobile access to their users. This starts with ascertaining user types, device platforms and any existing solutions in place, whilst building an accessible, segregated application set for these users across one or more device.

Examples might be the deployment of Microsoft Lync 2013 for mobile, whereby the client is accessible from a mobile device and therefore visibility of corporate contacts as well as voice and video communication to those contacts. RedVeu can containerise this application, and others, to deliver a secure communications environment to mobile users.

RedVeu then combine this mobile application experience with office based apps to allow collaboration of users across all environments, improving customer experience and employee satisfaction at the same time.