RedVeu is proud to work with some of the finest people in the UK and beyond, enabling us to deliver to our customers across UC and the network at large.

In the sometimes multivendor environment, we cannot deliver on everything ‘in house’ so we rely upon our tried, tested, betted and highly capable partner community.

AVT is a classic example of this where the team there offer unrivalled capability on dealer board solutions and support as well as voice recording. Their focus on customer service and the absolute belief that the ‘Customer is King’ slots them in nicely with us and our ethos.

Naturally we work with vendor partners and our methodology is the same, we have an opinion and we like to work with likeminded people and companies that can truly deliver enterprise class solutions with a defined and exciting road map and a little disruptive technology along the way.

We assure our partners, customers and colleagues our utmost focus and commitment, at all times.